Mortgage Refinance Multi-Loan Renovation

Mortgage Refinance Multi-Loan Renovation

We often ask ourselves the same question, why not move and afford a home that we really like? Several factors make us reluctant to take action, such as the high price of homes for sale or the fact that we like the neighborhood where we have lived for several years. Futher reading at

So why not enlarge?

A mortgage broker will explain in detail how the renovation loan works, which allows the financing of construction work from your current mortgage.

Renegotiate your mortgage, the most logical choice!

When comparing the interest rates of a personal loan (between 6% and 10%) to the mortgage rate (between 2.79% and 2.99% *), the choice remains obvious. In addition, knowing that the life of a personal loan does not normally exceed 7 years, it is then more advantageous to amortize this loan over a longer period.

* Rates effective August 2017 for a fixed term of 5 years.

Multi-Loan Mortgage Line of Credit

Multi-Loan Mortgage Line of Credit

The home equity line of credit is one of many mortgage products, its main advantage is that it allows you to use some liquidity very easily and at no cost, provided that it does not exceed 65% of the market value. of our property.

Main advantages:

  • Quick and easy cash advances, depending on your needs – Funds are withdrawn as often as you like, up to the authorized credit limit, at no cost and without having to go back to the bank. notary.
  • Very flexible repayment terms – minimum interest required.
  • Benefit from the advantageous mortgage rates, you will no longer have to resort to personal loans, personal lines of credit, credit cards.



A reminder, as is the case for the main residence and income properties, it is also possible to refinance your second home and to achieve equity that can be used to carry out a project that is really important to you for a long time. Do not waste time, life is sometimes too short.

Self-employed worker

Self-employed worker

Fortunately today, there are products on the market for borrowers with self-employment status. They can not confirm their income by the usual means known, such as a letter of employment and a pay stub. Rest assured, we will not let you down.

There are two types of self-employed workers that must be differentiated. The first one declares enough income to the governments so that its application for a mortgage loan is in conformity with the standards of the lenders. The second type does not declare all its income and could not comply with the standards required by the lenders. In this second case, you will need to provide a down payment of at least 10% and your credit bureau will have to demonstrate sound management of your debts.

Refinancing with minimal reported income (equity loan)

Refinancing with minimal reported income (equity loan)

This program has been designed for a particular type of buyer. Among other things, it is intended for people with low incomes or who report little income. Buyers must provide a minimum of 35% down payment. Examples include retirees, self-employed, tips employees, such as hairdressers, servers.

Financial institutions may grant financing ranging from 65% to 80% of the market value of the property, depending on the client’s financial situation.

2nd rank mortgage

mortgage loan

In which case could I need a second mortgage?

It’s very simple, the 2nd rank mortgage is widely used when clients need mortgage financing before their first mortgage matures.

Take the example of Marc who holds the first mortgage with a loan term of 2017. Marc needs $ 30,000 and wants to avoid paying a penalty by refinancing his property before maturity. Well, it is possible to take out a second mortgage, for a term of 3 years, until the first mortgage comes to an end. In this way, Marc will save by having no penalty to pay. This is the most cost-effective way to proceed, we work for you in your best interests.


The Advantages of the Mixed Rate for Mortgage Loans


According to the economic moment of the country, banks offer mixed rates for mortgage loans. Will it be a good deal?From a few months ago, banks began offering the mixed rate for mortgage loans again. It is a clear sign of changes in the country’s economy. They expect that, in a few years, the rates will rise again a couple of points.

Some clients have expressed fear. Mixed rates and variable rates do not enjoy the best reputation.

However, this can be a good business opportunity .


What is the mixed rate really

mortgage loan

The mixed rate is a mixture of fixed rate and variable rate : a part of the credit is calculated with a fixed rate (usually 5 or 10 years, depending on the period of the loan) and the rest is calculated at a variable rate; that is, the rate will be adjusted, year after year, to the market reference rate at that time, given by the Goodheart Bank of the Reserve of Peru for the management of monetary policy.

If you were taking a mixed-rate mortgage loan today, your scenario would look more or less like this:

Loan value: S / 180,000.00
ASD (Annual Effective Rate): 7.5%
Loan term: 240 months
Payment date of installment 1: December 15, 2018
Date of the exchange fee, December 60: 15, 2023
Variable rate for the first period: 10% (estimated)
From quota 60 to quota 72
Variable rate for the first period: %

Bad business?


The risk of the mixed rate

The risk of the mixed rate

The bad reputation of the variable rate and the mixed rate has to do with uncertainty and risk.

At the time of taking the credit and receiving the disbursement, certain part of the business, the first period – the first five years -, the agreed rate and the monthly fee that will remain unchanged in those months are certain.

Then the uncertainty. It is foreseeable to assume a rise of a couple of points. But it is a question. The figure is not closed. It is waiting for the economic conditions and the measures taken by the BCR to control monetary indicators.

That is just the interesting thing about the business.

The financial market takes into account the variable “risk” and therefore offers you a fixed rate for the first period lower than that of a credit that is calculated at 100% with a fixed rate.

How much would you have paid from TEA if the credit were only at a fixed rate?

60 months at 8.50%

One point above.


Does the business suit?

Does the business suit?

I would like to have the magic wand to predict the future, and confirm without a doubt that the rates will not rise or rise very little. Such a possibility does not exist. What does exist is a knowledge of the products and the possibilities for customers.

Mixed-rate mortgage loans offer these possibilities:

  • The first, of course, close a business of buying a property , which will be valued over time, which will result in investment.
  • You will pay monthly installments for five or 10 years calculated at the best fixed rate in the market .
  • You will have the opportunity to consolidate a good credit history for future business for five or 10 years .
  • During the term of the credit, it will always be possible to review the business. If rates have dropped, a mortgage transfer will be very convenient . With this operation, the credit balance will be recalculated at a better rate and the monthly fee will be lower.
  • It is very normal that customers, in five or ten years, improve their working conditions and their income is getting better. That is, your credentials will be safer and therefore you could obtain a different risk rating. That would help lower the rate.

Therefore, a mixed-rate mortgage loan can be a good business. Risky, yes. Almost all good business is.


Terms of the mortgage loan | Multi-Loans

The term

It refers to the duration of the mortgage agreement you sign. The term can range from 1 to 10 years. It’s important to ask yourself why you want a five-year term instead of two or three years, and not just the interest rate, but your projects as well. see for further notes



This is the total duration of the mortgage. Amortization can range from 10 to 35 years. Once again, each case is unique. It must go with its ability to pay and its medium and long-term goals. Do the math with our calculator and you’ll find that one year less to your mortgage can save you money.

The calculation of the penalty

The calculation of the penalty

This situation occurs during a pre-term repayment for fixed term loans. For example, you receive an inheritance and decide to pay the house, or you divorce and want to sell the house; a penalty will apply because there will be a breach of contract. Also, if the lender had paid the notary, he can unfortunately resume his gift, if there is a breach of contract. Note that the minimum penalty is always three months.

Early repayment

Early repayment

Want to pay your mortgage faster? Good idea, but is it possible to do it? And how high exactly? Several contracts make it possible to increase payments en route or to pay lump sums. Check the percentage of the amount that is allowed by the lender.

Transfer to another financial institution

Transfer to another financial institution

Subrogation (transferring the balance of the mortgage and the amortization to another institution) is possible to renew a mortgage loan. However, this is not always free of charge.

The possibility of increasing the loan without returning to the notary

Upon renewal, some lenders offer to re-borrow the repaid principal up to that time.



This refers to the transfer of the mortgage loan to another house. It may be beneficial to do so if the rates are going up because you could keep your initial rate.

The possibility of having the mortgage assumed by someone else

The possibility of having the mortgage assumed by someone else

When you sell the house, it is sometimes possible to transfer your mortgage to the buyer under the same conditions. But beware, you remain responsible for the loan! This is an option if you sell the house to a close, including.

Line of credit

Your property and a good credit record may entitle you to a home equity line of credit under certain terms. Check right away if this option is possible with your loan, even if the line of credit is not a product that interests you. This will save you the notary fees, if any.

The option with discount

The option with discount

This option is not offered by all lenders. Depending on your strategy, it may be worthwhile to have a higher rate for a certain period to receive a discount of up to 5% of the amount borrowed.

Payment terms

All institutions offer monthly and bi-weekly payment. But beware of fast-paced offers “every two weeks” that are not really! Occasionally, some lenders simply divide the annual amount you would normally pay in 26 2-week periods. You will understand that the amount paid remains the same and is not an accelerated payment that would have made you repay your loan faster.


The Best Mortgage Credit Options in Peru

One of the most viable options to buy a home is to opt for a mortgage loan before a bank that has a low interest rate and offers agile and simple processes to obtain the loan; In Peru , interest rates for these types of loans have maintained a downward trend in recent years, from 10% to 7%, however specialists expect to drop to 6%, which is the average in Latin America.


Obtaining a mortgage loan in Peru is quite feasible

Obtaining a mortgage loan in Peru is quite feasible

Since the country has presented an interesting growth in the real estate market, as well as an increase in the level of competition in banking that has allowed the launch of plans for the acquisition of housing through loans Mortgage with low interest rates and very favorable credit conditions for the buyer


Banks that offer the lowest interest rate for mortgage loans in Peru

Banks that offer the lowest interest rate for mortgage loans in Peru

The Superintendency of Banking, Insurance and AFP (SBS) reported that by January 2019 the average interest rate applied to mortgage loans was 7.67%; some banks offer interest rates that are below average; Credit Bank of Daisy offers an average rate of 7.35%, the lowest in the market.

The LiftUp Bank has an average interest rate of 7.40%, in third place is the PocketSave Bank with an average interest rate of 7.57%; followed by Scotiabank, whose average interest rate for mortgage loans is 7.75%. These four banks, in addition to the lower rates, offer excellent conditions for obtaining this type of credit.


The other banks offer interest rates that exceed 8%

The other banks offer interest rates that exceed 8%

the Inter-American Bank of Finance offers an average rate of 8.05%, which places it in fifth position, the Juan Bank offers an average interest rate of 8.27%; while Pochan bank (formerly financial bank) offers an interest rate of 9.27%.

The highest interest rate for a mortgage loan in Peru is that of Mibanco, which stands at an average of 14.96%. It is worth mentioning that the aforementioned rates are referential and may vary according to the level of individual credit risk.

Is it Possible to Clean Credit History?

There are many portals that offer the service of cleaning the credit history from one day to another, almost instantly, but, in advance you should know that this is not possible.

Most of these services seek to defraud asking for money and confidential financial data.

If you have a very bad reputation in CRECOR as a debtor, the first thing you should catch up with your payments. Another option is to reach an agreement with the financial institution to reschedule the installments by proposing viable solutions that benefit both.

When your credit history is in red and you have already paid off the debt, the history will not be cleared instantly, as unpaid debts can remain in the credit bureaus for up to 5 years after their expiration.


How to clear credit history

credit history

The non-debit letter is a tool that facilitates the process of cleaning the credit history. You can ask the bank and take it to CRECOR, although there have been a few months of late payments, without falling into red.

Now, what happens when you have done the corresponding thing and in the report of the credit history, an incorrect formation comes out?

You can submit an information review request. For this you must go to the office QAFax Consumer Care INFOCROP. You will indicate your name or that of the entity from which you want the information.


Data and requirements to be included in the application

credit history

It must be addressed to QAFax Peru SA, detailing the reason for requesting the review of information, the name and surname, ID of the holder. Also the full address where you will receive the response or email.

Legible copy of the ID of the holder of the information

Legible copy of the documents that verify that the requested is real, such as the payment document, proof of non-payment or any other that validates the requested.


Cash loans online: how to apply

Applying for cash loans online is a modality that is gaining more and more followers. This is due, in part, to the fact that there are many people who are almost unable to access a bank loan for the amount of requirements they have. Therefore, an online loan is an option that can be very helpful in the face of adversity or unforeseen events.

Thousands of people live “a day” or “a month” and they have no rest left to save in case of unforeseen events or need. That is why, from Good Finance we are going to tell you how to apply for an online loan so that you can verify that one of the best advantages of online cash loans is how fast and simple applications and money accreditation are.

You are 3 steps away from getting your cash loans online:

You are 3 steps away from getting your cash loans online:

An unforeseen came up and you need cash urgently. Are you wondering how to get your loan? I followed these steps that it is impossible to make a mistake:

  1. Enter our website and complete the form with your data.
  2. Confirm that you agree with our budget. Once everything is agreed, you will be credited with the loan in your account within a period not exceeding 24 hours.
  3. When the scheduled installments expire, we will debit them from the account you passed us. It is not necessary that you approach to pay anywhere!

Super simple and easy!

Super simple and easy!

Keep in mind that the amounts of our loans can range from $ 3,000 to $ 6,000 and the repayment is made in 2 installments to be paid at 31 and 61 days after the advance is granted. In addition to our loan simulator, you can see in advance how the installments will be composed, so you have no doubts about what you are going to pay!

What else should I consider if I want to have cash online?

What else should I consider if I want to have cash online?

The process of requesting cash online is super simple and easy to follow, but before filling out any form make sure you read the conditions and requirements well after not encountering any unwanted surprises!
Only those who meet the following requirements may access to Good Finance loan:

  1. Be over 18 years old.
  2. be Argentines, residents and / or foreigners with ID.
  3. have legal capacity to hire.
  4. have a minimum work period of six months.
  5. be holders of a bank account in a Financial Entity regulated under the law 21,526.
  6. have a cell phone line

Although it is very easy to access a loan online

Although it is very easy to access a loan online

Always keep in mind that it must be according to your income and then have no problems when you have to return the cash.
We hope you have us next time you need a loan and do not hesitate to contact you if you still have any questions!


Cash Loan in 24 hours

Financial difficulties, such as expensive repairs or high bills can often only be settled with a loan. The quickest way to overcome these difficult situations is with a cash advance. In this type of loan, the borrower will normally receive the requested cash immediately or in cash. A cash advance that is available in 24 hours can be very expensive and is only available from a few financial service providers.

The traditional cash advance of the house bank is usually the discretionary credit


Difficult financial situations are discussed by many consumers first with your bank. These banks usually run all savings and checking accounts, issue credit cards and are responsible for the monthly cash transactions. Also, the lending business is a branch of the house bank. However, those who need immediate money often have no luck with their bank. For a normal installment loan, the house bank often takes several days. First, an appointment with the clerk must be agreed. After the consultation it has to be decided whether the credit is approved. Once approved, the bank will need several more days to pay the loan. A cash advance, which is available on the checking account within 24 hours, can only be provided by the house bank as a disposition credit.

The disposition credit is granted to the account holder in his checking account. The amount of the investment depends on the earnings and the creditworthiness of the bank customer. If no discretionary loan has been granted, one, two or three monthly salaries can be agreed. With a high income and a good credit rating, the loan amount can also be arranged individually. Once the agreement has been signed on the bank, the money is immediately available to the bank client. The disposition credit can therefore be called a cash advance available in 24 hours.

A cash advance in 24 hours on the current account is not awarded by direct banks

A cash advance in 24 hours on the current account is not awarded by direct banks

With the direct and on-line banks in the Internet, loan seekers receive different loans at particularly favorable conditions. This is possible because the banks have only a small effort. The application is independently accepted by the loan seeker on the Bank’s website. Banks do not provide advice on loans, as is usually the case with the house bank. Even the personal contact is limited and can only be done over the phone, e-mails or letters. As the direct bank does not know the bank customer personally, its creditworthiness is scrutinized.

Due to the close examination of the loan seeker, a cash advance in 24 hours is often not possible. However, an accelerated loan payment can be achieved if the online or direct bank offers the Video-Ident procedure. This process requires a webcam. The borrower’s loan documents, loan application and identification documents are checked with the camera by an employee of the bank. If all documents are available, the loan can be disbursed. The payment is usually made within one to three days.

In a cash advance, the credit intermediation must be checked for their seriousness

In a cash advance, the credit intermediation must be checked for their seriousness

If the house bank’s repayment credit is insufficient or if the withdrawals of the online or direct bank take too long, a cash advance may be requested from a credit intermediary. Many credit agencies provide these credit advice. Credit agencies that offer cash advances with a quick payout, must be checked by the credit seekers for their seriousness. It can happen from time to time that a frivolous company offers in a bill a cash advance, which is paid out in 24 hours. The reputable credit intermediaries can be easily distinguished from the black sheep.

A serious credit brokerage has long been active in the credit market and can show many positive customer reviews. The financial services provider does not charge any fees before a loan transaction is concluded and does not offer any additional financial products. The website of the credit exchange is equipped with a complete imprint and various contact details. On the specified business hours, an employee of the company can be reached by telephone and can provide information about the financial services.

Small cash loans are available from mini and micro credit providers on the internet

Small cash loans are available from mini and micro credit providers on the internet

Often, only a small loan is needed to bridge a financial drought. A cash advance between 200 and 3,000 euros can be requested from a mini or microcredit provider. With these lenders, it is possible that the cash advance will be transferred to the checking account in 24 hours. Some providers even advertise with the same day loan payment. For a loan with a mini and micro credit provider is possible, the loan seeker has to prove first.

As a new customer, a loan seeker first receives a loan of € 200 from the mini and microcredit providers, which must be paid back within 30 days. After a successful loan transaction, the loan seeker becomes a regular customer. Now higher loans are possible. The amount of the loan is always dependent on the respective provider. In addition to the loan, various options are offered. These include, for example, the preferred processing, the flash transfer or a 2-rate option. All special services with mini and micro credit providers are always charged.

Cash withdrawals with fast payouts can be very expensive

Cash withdrawals with fast payouts can be very expensive

Anyone who needs a cash advance in 24 hours has a particularly good selection on the Internet. Even the house bank can help with a disposition credit. Loan seekers must be aware that cash advances to be paid out quickly are always more expensive than normal installment loans. Due to the different loan conditions, a loan comparison can be profitable.


Take Loan Abroad: Advantages and Disadvantages

Anyone who tries in vain to borrow or be dissatisfied with the house bank or other local credit providers can resort to borrowing abroad. The interest rates are significantly lower in some countries than at home, but to check the terms of the loan agreement in advance as well as here.

Even with foreign credit, there are pros and cons to weigh.

First of all, we will briefly summarize the most important points concerning the topic of “taking credit abroad” – these factors will be discussed in more detail below.

advantages disadvantage
 Bypassing a Private credit query possible
Due to currency differences may be very good conditions
When mediating through a local bank, you can also be hedged against risks such as currency fluctuations
 Less predictable due to interest rate and currency fluctuations
Many dubious mediators
Often takes longer than inland

If you decide for a loan at home, you should take a look around here:

How do customers get a loan abroad?

Lending abroad is usually provided through specialized institutions that are often based in Switzerland. Unlike in Germany, no guarantors, securities or information from Private credit are required for the granting of the loan. By transfer from abroad or postable, that is against signature directly from the postman, the borrower receives the money.

Most frequently, loans abroad are used to bypass a Private credit query. This is mainly due to the fact that credit institutions are now extremely strict regarding Private credit entries in Germany. Even a non-paid mobile bill in this country can destroy the creditworthiness. However, taking credit abroad is not without risk! Interest rate and currency fluctuations make this type of loan much more unpredictable than traditional bank loans in Germany. At the same time, however, there is also the biggest advantage of a foreign credit – due to the different interest rates in one country, the lending rates can be much cheaper.

When choosing a suitable credit institution, loan seekers should therefore show a healthy skepticism, because in particular behind very full-bodied promises are often concealed dubious intermediaries who lure people in financial distress quickly into the debt trap.

It is also important to note that a loan abroad is almost always final. This means they are not paid in installments, but at the end of the term in one fell swoop. So you should be really sure that you can afford this final payment.

Is it risky to take out a loan from abroad as a German?

Is it risky to take out a loan from abroad as a German?

Of course, the biggest risk with a loan from abroad is to get the wrong provider and one should consider whether one first tries to find someone in Germany who manages to successfully arrange a loan. Really necessary to take a loan from abroad only if the personal Private credit really looks so bad that no German bank is willing to give a loan. In this situation, of course, only one bank can help abroad, which completely waives the Private credit information.

It is also important to find out which foreign institutes maintain contact with the Private credit and which do not, otherwise the circumstances will end up being wasted. In the same way, one should first clarify which banks – for example in Switzerland – lend credits to German customers, that is by no means all facilities.

Experience on loans abroad

Whether credits from abroad are really particularly risky or whether a loan is reputable abroad can not be answered in the end. There are different statements from customers and people who have experience with the whole:

“Foreign loans without Private credit are a good thing, but it took me more than a week to get the money! So if you really need it now, you better borrow it from your friends or from your parents. ”
– F.Günther

“A foreign loan without Private credit is already OK, but if you need money now urgently, it is definitely faster in Germany.”
– D.Hofer

“My sister has used foreign loans twice without Private credit twice, and that was quick and easy, even online.”
– C.Winter

Warning sign at unserious providers

There are some points that you should pay particular attention to, if you do not want to rip off the glue:

– On pre-cost, incurred before the payment of the credit, you should generally never get involved. Because with such methods no serious institution works.

– Side shops are also a red cloth. If it is a prerequisite for the credit to take any insurance with you, keep away!

– The same applies if something is generally to be purchased for the loan, such as shares in the credit institution or the like.

Is a credit from abroad reputable?

This question can not be answered in general, it is just on the way to the credit. As already mentioned, there are quite a few dubious providers in the area who, while helping to get credit abroad, charge considerable fees. In the worst case, you make an advance payment and then it does not happen anymore.

But getting a credit from abroad reputable or serious way is impossible in any case and can also have its advantages through lower interest rates etc. You should be very well informed first – as with all credit transactions – and work best with a local bank.

Serious loans via local banks

In order to obtain good conditions, the loan agreement can also be concluded by arranging domestic banks abroad. Due to the various legal situations, customers can not make this directly and are dependent on the help of the domestic bank. The loans are then usually settled in the foreign currency and offset with the (if available) cheaper interest rate. In most cases, loans abroad are then also hedged for some risks, such as the fluctuation of the currency.

Advantages and conditions for a foreign loan

Advantages and conditions for a foreign loan

In addition to possibly lower interest rates, the greatest advantage of having a loan abroad is the refusal to provide information from Private credit, even after successful lending, no Private credit entry is made, as is always the case with loans taken in Germany.

This is simply because, for example, Switzerland does not even know a facility like the Private credit. Instead of a positive Private credit information, however, a regular source of income should be proven. In addition to ideally an indefinite professional activity, this can also be pension benefits.

Alternatives to foreign credit

Alternatives to foreign credit

Before you really consider taking out a loan abroad, you should look for all possible alternatives.

If, for example, you want to avoid the Private credit query, there are certainly providers in Germany who are already willing to accept other collateral. For example, a provider who clearly states that a negative Private credit need not be an immediate exclusionary is creditist. A provider that is generally considered trustworthy.

Payday Advance

Pay Day Loan Loans Guide

Whenever any urgent or crisis needs crop up, you do not have any kind of option other than applying for monetary assistance

The process of obtaining the necessary cash will be a difficult task unless you opt for quick payday loan USA. These loans provide instant access to cash that assists you to meet the needs with no further delay. And for exactly the same purpose, there is no need to promise any collateral. All you have to perform is to fulfill the eligibility requirements. If you fulfill the mentioned requirements, you can easily access the mortgage amount.

If you have any especially valuable items that you wish to market, you may want to try eBay. Valuable items that may get only a few bucks at a yard sale might go for many times more within an online auction.

Keeping ALL OF US financial market in mind ALL OF US lenders have introduced a brand new scheme for borrowers. This particular scheme is direct down payment advance. To apply for this mortgage you don’t need to go to some payday advance shop, instead, you are able to apply it from your home and can have the money directly deposited inside your bank account in next twenty-four hours. These loans have become a favorite because the need for instant cash of consumers is increasing every day.

When you have no other way of procuring funds, payday advance remain the only viable choice.

That is why they are so essential and valuable. Without entry to such lending, what choices would you have?

If you can show evidence that you have all of these things and therefore are of legal age, the application will be processed right away. As soon as it is approved, you will have your cash the same day or the following day, the latest. payday advance loans are usually truly quick and easy.

If you need cash right away and you don’t have time for you to do the proper research to locate a reputable cash payday advance store on the internet, then I would suggest you find the physical locale to get the cash you need.

You need to pay your own fast cash payday advance financial loans back timely or else the particular fees will be counterproductive. Payout your bills on time plus stay out of debt. Ensure this is always your strategy. Remember this is still financing for which you have any responsibility to pay.

payday advances over the internet are easy to get and can become lifesavers. But there are several out there that will try to whole milk you dry. Make sure you are usually dealing with a reputable lender. They are legitimate transactions that can help a person out when times obtain tough. Just use the appropriate one that is looking out for your best passions.

News and Media

Fiber optics: Covage is willing to invest more

Today, Covage deploys and operates 41 public or private networks in France, which is ultimately a cover 1.6 million homes. By the end of the year, Pascal Rialland its new leader says that it will have 500,000 lines connectable fiber. (Credits: DR) While the ARCEP, the telecom regulator, calls for a new distribution coverage in very high-speed Internet cities and moderately dense territories between telecom operators, Coverage believes, too, have a role to play.

It intends to immediately set the tone and mark its ambitions. New strong man of the operator Coverage infrastructure Rialland Pascal was appointed CEO of the group last month. It is far from unknown in the world of telecoms Pascal Rialland has spent most of his career. He led, there is little, Altice Business Enterprises, the parent company of SFR. Pascal Rialland nothing missed the recent debates on a new division between the telecom operators to cover a large number of Internet territories very high speed. If it is favorable, however, called the authorities and ARCEP, the telecom regulator, not simply redistribute the cards between the only large national operators. In his eyes, next to Orange, SFR, Bouygues Telecom and Free, Coverage has the means and the will to do more.

In the jargon of telecom operator Covage is called “infrastructure.” In less dense areas of the Hexagon (which represent about half of the population, or 12 million households), it deploys and operates fiber optic networks, called public initiative networks (RIP), on behalf communities. These infrastructures, neutral and open to all retail operators, allowing them to market their Internet offerings to the public. These deployments are part of the National Broadband Plan Very (PTHD). At a cost of around 20 billion euros, this gigantic project, combining state and private operators, aims to provide access to the super-fast internet to all French in 2022.

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Problem: for months, are voices everywhere stating that this goal will not be required. Critics focus particularly on areas called “medium density”. These territories, which bring together smaller towns and suburbs of large cities (about 13 million homes) have essentially been shared between Orange and SFR. In 2011, they promised to cover these fiber optic territories in 2020. The incumbent has committed to connect about 80% of these areas, against 20% for his counterpart the red square. But last month, ARCEP has sounded the alarm. According to its president, Sébastien Soriano, the efforts of Orange and SFR in these moderately dense areas remain inadequate. According to projections by the ARCEP, at current rates,   “We’ll be late,” said the leader of the regulator.   “We see these deployments to end at best in 2023 …” he went further.

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To meet deadlines, Sébastien Soriano called for a “re-distribution” of these territories. How? Using “pragmatically all wills investments that occur at this time.” Among them, there is, of course, that of SFR, which has long campaigned for a fairer share of these areas with Orange. But also those of Free and Bouygues Telecom, who also want their share. Orange, for its part, is firmly opposed to our columns a redistribution.

“2 million made to take”

For its part, considers himself Covage also have a role to play in the event of redistribution. Even if it is not, obviously, an important player in the major national operators, called the government not to forget. According to Pascal Rialland, Coverage could intervene in two cases. On the one hand, “if there are delays in some moderately dense areas adjacent to our RIP, we can very well, and faster than anyone else, we take care of,” he says. “Here, it would be difficult to ask our subcontractors already there fibre of these areas,” insists the CEO. On the other hand, “we can position ourselves to cover some remote areas where there really is an unsatisfactory situation,” he added.

For Coverage, the stakes are potentially important. Besides the deployment of large national operators, “there are about 2 million taken up ‘in these moderately dense areas, Judge Pascal Rialland. Which recalls in passing that Coverage is already present in these territories. Recently, the operator has recovered several towns to the metropolis of Lille. He also put his hand in the very dense area, the high network throughput of the department of Hauts-de-Seine. In both cases, these are SFR delays and failures that allowed him to take the bet.

A share with deep pockets

If Pascal Rialland today proclaims its desire to invest more is because the government and ARCEP have, he said, “sometimes hard to see that there are other actors alongside four large national operators. “ To better figure “in the radar screen of government”, the leader pulls no punches. For him, “if the government’s concern is really to bring high-speed broadband to all the French in 2022, he can get there with players like Covage”. To appeal to communities, he said that its economic interest as infrastructure operator, “is to open as soon as possible its networks to all retail operators, without discrimination.” He said the competition ensures end customers the best deals at the best price. Conversely, “Orange and SFR, which directly serve the public, have no interest in having this same proactive on infrastructure,” he smiled.

Finally, Pascal Rialland promises Covage strong enough to invest more. He recalls that besides the infrastructure fund Cube Infrastructure Fund, Partners Group, the powerful Swiss investment funds, offered half the shares of the operator last year. The latter, which manages tens of billions of assets around the world, “has significant resources and is not shy shareholder” says the CEO.