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In order to truly improve education around the world, government programs need to be effective and involved. Global School Bus is proud to offer all governmental agencies FREE inclusion into the Education Connection.

By including your organization, you will reach far greater numbers of people around the world and increase the value of your resources.

In return for offering governmental programs free submission, Global School Bus asks only for your public endorsement of our mission to provide educators with a global educational forum. With your inclusion, Global School Bus reserves the right to claim your “approval and endorsement” of the Global School Bus mission. If you have any questions please contact us at

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Award of Excellence:
We have awarded our excellence award to Mrs. Hoover's Gifted Elementary Class at Martinsburg Elementary School in Martinsburg, PA.
Mrs. Hoover has created, along with the rest of the school's classes, a great site with fun tools and information for both her students and their parents.
Congrats to Mrs. Hoover and keep up the good work!

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This month we would like to showcase our new Global Forums where teachers like yourself can get connected. Create your own corner of Global School Bus and reach out to the world.

The Global Forums

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